Proposal Guidelines

As one means to encourage the expansion of arts activities and enrichment of the University’s cultural life, UChicago Arts provides small grants to University of Chicago student organizations and individual students through the Student Fine Arts Fund (SFAF). The Fund seeks student-initiated projects that would not typically receive support from another organization. Priority is given to original ideas for the creation of all sorts of visual and performing arts and might take the form of funding materials, artist master classes, or other ideas that support the "making" process. The grant might also be used to augment existing funding to extend an artist's time on campus in the form of a master class or interactive discussion.

The Student Fine Arts Fund will assist in the implementation of imaginative projects with grants up to $1,500. Students seeking support for larger projects should inquire about Student Creativity Grants.


Applications now closed for the 2016-17 year.

Please check back in late summer for the 2017-18 deadlines.


For more information, please contact Heidi Coleman, Director of Chicago Performance Lab and Director for Undergraduate Studies & Student Performance Programs, Theater & Performance Studies, at, or email