Proposal Guidelines

In partnership with the UChicago Arts Pass Program, the Course Arts Resource Fund helps cover arts-related expenses for undergraduate and graduate courses at The University of Chicago. Instructors are invited to apply for small grants (up to $500) to defray the costs related to such arts activities as: inviting a visiting artist to class, organizing a class visit to a performance or exhibition, or providing arts materials for classroom use (recordings, videos, web page designs for arts materials, etc.). You may wish to visit the UChicago Arts Pass website for a list of current partners with student discounts (including free admission to the Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art, DuSable Museum, etc). Please note: you do not need to work with one of our current partners to apply for funds. In an effort to extend the reach of the arts on campus, we particularly encourage requests from instructors who may not routinely integrate the arts into their courses.

This fund is set up to provide maximum flexibility for immediate needs and to allow for instructors to seize special opportunities related to local arts events and performances. Requests for the funds can thus be made during the quarter in which the course is taught; a decision will be reached by the review committee on the proposal within 15-30 days after receipt. Any application for summer support must be submitted before the end of Spring Quarter. The Course Arts Resource Fund does not fund more than one project per applicant per year, and funds proposals for the current academic year only. 

Instructors are encouraged to seek some co-funding elsewhere (with department, collegiate divisions, etc). Due to the limited funds available through this program, the Course Arts Resource Fund will only be able to offer partial support for events where ticket prices are unusually high -- or when there is a large number of tickets to be subsidized. We also ask instructors to consider charging students a nominal fee for ticketed events. Applicants should not plan their courses under the assumption that their requests will be approved.


While proposals may be submitted at any time during the academic quarter, applications for support should ideally be submitted before the end of the previous quarter. For example, submit an application before the end of Summer Quarter for support during the subsequent Fall Quarter.


Jessica Musselwhite

Administrative Manager, UChicago Arts | 773.702.1237