The Experimental Dramaturgies Forum is designed to launch an exploratory conversation about the reciprocal relationship of experimental practices and formal imperatives. We are keen to consider how and when dramaturgy fosters experimentation—and by extension, how and when it impedes it. More broadly, we are interested in how we might describe and define the roles of conceptualization in experimental practices across forms, eras, and cultural practices. The forum will feature a broad range of creative and scholarly inquiries into the processes of the formal invention: how does experimentation come about and what form does it take in our various practices? Each participant will bring to our attention a vexing problem or nascent project with which they propose to experiment. Our forum will rely heavily on the collective discussion. We are hoping to convene what we might term a perspective rather than a retrospective event with an eye to stimulating discussion, reflection and lively critical exchange about work in progress.


Friday, October 12, 2018 | Logan 501

“Dramaturgy as Police and Politics”
Nikolaus Müller-Schöll, Professor of Theater Studies, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt

Respondents: Marissa Fenley (Ph.D. student in English & TAPS, University of Chicago), AMY STEBBINS (Ph.D. in Germanic studies and cinema and media studies, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO)

Saturday, October 13, 2018 | Logan 701

“Atalanta: holding on, letting go, staying the course, taking the detour…so, what’s actually happening in the room?”
Leslie Buxbaum Danzig, Assistant Professor of the Practice in TAPS, University of Chicago

Respondents: Evan Pensis (Ph.D. student in Music & TAPS, University of Chicago), Amy Skjerseth (Ph.D. student in CMS, University of Chicago)

“Curating as Major Dramaturgy”
Florian Malzacher, Berlin-based curator and dramaturg

Respondents: Ella Wilhelm (Ph.D. student in Germanic Studies, University of Chicago), Pirachula Chulanon (Ph.D. student in Philosophy, University of Chicago)

"Staging the Internet (or parts of it)"
Annie Dorsen, Visiting Professor of the Practice in TAPS, University of Chicago

Respondents: Bill Hutchison (Ph.D. candidate in English, University of Chicago), Arianna Gass (Ph.D. student in English & TAPS, University of Chicago)

"Third Wheel Dramaturgy? (working on small, intimate experiments...)"
Katherine Profeta, Visiting Associate Professor of Dramaturgy, Yale School of Drama
Respondents: Gabrielle Randle (Student in the Interdisciplinary
Ph.D. program in Theatre and Drama, Northwestern University), Sharvari Sastry (Ph.D. candidate in South Asian Languages and Civilizations & TAPS, University of Chicago)

“What has appeared again tonight? From Hamlet's Ghost to Brecht's Philosopher, or: How I became a dramaturg”
Freddie Rokem, Wigeland Visiting Professor in TAPS, University of Chicago
Respondent: Tien-Tien Jong Zhang (Ph.D. student in Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago)