Committee on Theater & Performance Studies Graduate Program

What is the application deadline for the TAPS PhD program?

Application materials are due in December but the exact date varies slightly by department. Prospective students should check the deadlines for the partnering department through which they will be applying to TAPS. The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) accepts applications twice a year. The deadlines are December 15 and April 30.

What is the admissions process for TAPS?

TAPS applications are subject to two rounds of review by two different admissions committees. Admission is contingent on being accepted by both the partnering (or home) department and the TAPS program.

How many recommenders should I list?

At least one, but no more than three.

Once I've submitted my application, how can I check that my materials were received? 

You may log in to the submission site to track the receipt of your application. Your application checklist will be updated as the admissions office receives your materials.

When are admissions decisions announced?

Decisions are announced in early March and are made available to individual applicants through the online application system. You will be notified by email from the Office of the Dean of Students when a decision is available. To protect applicants' privacy, no official admissions decisions will be provided directly in an email or by telephone; all applicants must log in to the application site to view their decision.

Does TAPS offer a master's degree?

No. We recommend that students interested in master's-level work consider applying to the TAPS option in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH).