Committee on Theater & Performance Studies

The PhD program in TAPS at the University of Chicago is designed to be dialogical, experimental, and highly individualized. Students not only develop a program of study within the TAPS graduate program that reflects their particular training and interests, but also complement their training with a joint doctorate in a cooperating field: Art History, Cinema and Media Studies, Classics, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, English Language and Literature, Germanic Studies, Music, or Romance Languages and Literatures. Students extend their experience through the development of performance work, engaging with nationally and internationally renowned artists. Students will graduate with a joint PhD in TAPS and an aligned discipline, attesting to multiple capacities and preparing them for professional possibilities within and beyond the academy.

The program consists of four main components: course work, the preparation of oral fields examinations, a joint PhD dissertation, and teaching. Compared to single degree programs, we expect the joint degree to involve up to an additional year of coursework. See the Doctoral degree Requirements page for more detailed information.

Graduate students already enrolled in PhD programs in partnering departments at the University of Chicago who wish to pursue a joint degree in TAPS may apply to do so. Prospective students wishing to begin graduate studies in Autumn 2020 or after should apply to a partnering department and indicate their interest in the TAPS joint program. See the Prospective Graduate Students page for more information.

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