Please note: some practice courses are not assigned graduate course numbers but may be taken for graduate credit with permission from the DGS and course instructor. Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator if you have questions. A complete list of TAPS courses and descriptions can be found here.

Autumn 2018

TAPS 20610/30610. Adaptation & Translation in Theater-Making
(L. Danzig & L. Feldman)
TAPS 23930/33930. Fundamentals of Playwriting (M. Maher)
TAPS 24410/34410. Transmedia Puzzle Design & Performance (S. Weisz)
TAPS 32312. Virtual Theaters (J. Muse)
TAPS 34880. New Directions in Afro-Latin Performance (D. Roper)
TAPS 36215. Comedy Central 2: The Body's Genres (C. Sullivan / L. Berlant)
TAPS 45918. Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung in Performance: Siegfried (D. Levin / S. Rings)
TAPS 51420. The Literary and Visual Worlds of Xixiang Ji (J. Zeitlin)

Winter 2019

TAPS 22310/32310. Performance Art Installations: Performing Diaspora (P. Pascoe)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (TBA)
TAPS 24901/34901. Performance Lab: Women in American Plays (D. de Mayo)
TAPS 24902/34902. Performance Lab: Non-Fiction Sources (L. Danzig / E. Lansana)
TAPS 28320/383/20. The Mind as Stage: Podcasting (S. Geis)
TAPS 28479/38479. Theater and Performance in Latin America (D. Roper)
TAPS 41401. Opera and Film, China/Europe (J. Zeitlin / M. Feldman)
TAPS 48470. Molière (L. Norman)

Spring 2019

TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (TBA)
TAPS 25515/35515. Contemporary Political Strategies in Performance (A. Dorsen)
TAPS 26530/46530. Staging the Internet (A. Dorsen)
TAPS 30700. Shakespearean Dramaturgies: Text/Medium/Performance and the Magic of the Theatre (F. Rokem)