Please note: some practice courses are not assigned graduate course numbers but may be taken for graduate credit with permission from the DGS and course instructor. A complete list of TAPS courses and descriptions can be found here.

Autumn 2017

TAPS 22600/32600. Chance in Performance (A. Dorsen)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (H. Coleman)
TAPS 25515/35515. Contemporary Political Strategies in Performance (A. Dorsen)
TAPS 36800, ENGL 36800. Imagining the Audience in Early Modern English Performance (E. MacKay)

Winter 2018

TAPS 21715/31715. A Physical Approach to Acting (A. Danzig)
TAPS 22310/32310. Performance Art Installations: Performing Diaspora (P. Pascoe)
TAPS 22510/32510. Performance of Non-Fiction (L. Danzig, E. Lansana)
TAPS 24400/34400. Circus Performance Lab (L. Danzig)
TAPS 24415/34415. Games & Performance (H. Coleman)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (H. Coleman)
TAPS 27214/37214, ARTV 27214/37214. Art and Knowledge (William PopeL., D. Roelstraete)
TAPS 48017, CLAS 48017, CDIN 48017, FREN 48017. Phaedras Compared: Adaptation, Gender, Tragic Form (D. Wray/L. Norman)

Spring 2018

TAPS 22110/32110, GRMN 23110/32110. Kafka & Performance (D. Levin)
TAPS 22318/32318, MUSC 22318/32318. Music and Disability Studies (J. Iverson)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (H. Coleman)
TAPS 23810/33810. Playwriting: Crafting Meaning through Action and Image (A. Carter)
TAPS 24610/34610. Research and Performance: Mapping the Effect of Love (W. Davis)
TAPS 26217/36217, FREN 26217/36217. History of the French Theater from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (J. Perrier-Chartrand)
TAPS 26310/36310. Dramaturgical Investigations of Antigone: Violence and Resistance (F. Rokem)
TAPS 26330/36330. The Appearance of Gods, Angels and Ghosts in Modern Drama and Theater and on the Screen (F. Rokem)
TAPS 26515/36515, EALC 26515/36515. Literature of the Fantastic and Operatic Adaptation (J. Zeitlin)
TAPS 28320/38320. The Mind as Stage: Podcasting (S. Geis)
TAPS 28479/34879. Theater and Performance in Latin America (D. Roper)
TAPS 28702/38702, ITAL 28702/38702. Italian Comic Theater (R. Rubini)
TAPS 32312, ENGL 32312. Virtual Theaters (J. Muse)
TAPS 40305, GRMN 40305. Oedipus & Hamlet: Philosophy of Tragedy (D. Wellbery)
TAPS 41451, EALC 41451. Palace of Lasting Life: History, Drama, Fantasy (J. Zeitlin)
TAPS 44500, ENGL 44500, CMST 36200. Brechtian Representations: Theatre, Theory, Cinema (L. Kruger)