Please note: some practice courses are not assigned graduate course numbers but may be taken for graduate credit with permission from the DGS and course instructor. Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator if you have questions. A complete list of TAPS courses and descriptions can be found here.

Autumn 2017

TAPS 22600/32600. Chance in Performance (A. Dorsen)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (H. Coleman)
TAPS 25515/35515. Contemporary Political Strategies in Performance (A. Dorsen)
TAPS 36800, ENGL 36800. Imagining the Audience in Early Modern English Performance (E. MacKay)

Winter 2018

TAPS 21715/31715. A Physical Approach to Acting (A. Danzig)
TAPS 22310/32310. Performance Art Installations: Performing Diaspora (P. Pascoe)
TAPS 22510/32510. Performance of Non-Fiction (L. Danzig, E. Lansana)
TAPS 24400/34400. Circus Performance Lab (L. Danzig)
TAPS 24415/34415. Games & Performance (H. Coleman)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (H. Coleman)
TAPS 27214/37214, ARTV 27214/37214. Art and Knowledge (William PopeL., D. Roelstraete)
TAPS 48017, CLAS 48017, CDIN 48017, FREN 48017. Phaedras Compared: Adaptation, Gender, Tragic Form (D. Wray/L. Norman)

Spring 2018

TAPS 22110/32110, GRMN 23110/32110. Kafka & Performance (D. Levin)
TAPS 22318/32318, MUSC 22318/32318. Music and Disability Studies (J. Iverson)
TAPS 23110/33110. Directing Study (H. Coleman)
TAPS 23810/33810. Playwriting: Crafting Meaning through Action and Image (A. Carter)
TAPS 24610/34610. Research and Performance: Mapping the Effect of Love (W. Davis)
TAPS 26217/36217, FREN 26217/36217. History of the French Theater from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (J. Perrier-Chartrand)
TAPS 26310/36310. Dramaturgical Investigations of Antigone: Violence and Resistance (F. Rokem)
TAPS 26330/36330. The Appearance of Gods, Angels and Ghosts in Modern Drama and Theater and on the Screen (F. Rokem)
TAPS 26515/36515, EALC 26515/36515. Literature of the Fantastic and Operatic Adaptation (J. Zeitlin)
TAPS 28320/38320. The Mind as Stage: Podcasting (S. Geis)
TAPS 28479/34879. Theater and Performance in Latin America (D. Roper)
TAPS 28702/38702, ITAL 28702/38702. Italian Comic Theater (R. Rubini)
TAPS 32312, ENGL 32312. Virtual Theaters (J. Muse)
TAPS 40305, GRMN 40305. Oedipus & Hamlet: Philosophy of Tragedy (D. Wellbery)
TAPS 41451, EALC 41451. Palace of Lasting Life: History, Drama, Fantasy (J. Zeitlin)
TAPS 44500, ENGL 44500, CMST 36200. Brechtian Representations: Theatre, Theory, Cinema (L. Kruger)