Course information is subject to change. Please contact the Academic Administrator with any questions. A complete list of TAPS courses and descriptions can be found here.

*Courses that fulfill the practice requirement

Autumn 2019

TAPS 22351/32351. The Sonic Image (WJT Mitchell, Hannah Higgins, Lawrence Abu Hamdan) 
TAPS 23930/33930. Fundamentals of Playwriting (Mickle Maher)*
TAPS 24410/34410. Transmedia Puzzle Design & Performance (Sandor Weisz)*
TAPS 26100/36100. Dance Composition (Julia Rhoads)*
TAPS 41500. Bodies of Transformation (C. Riley Snorton)
TAPS 50300. Catharsis, Tedium and Other Aesthetic Responses (Loren Kruger)

Winter 2020

TAPS 20700/30700. Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism (Derek Matson)
TAPS 24415/34415. Games & Performance (Heidi Coleman)
TAPS 26219/36219. Domestic Tragedies (Christopher Wild)
TAPS 26250/36250. Contemporary Dance Techniques (Julia Rhoads)*
TAPS 28320/38320. The Mind as Stage: Podcasting (Sarah Geis)*
TAPS 28702/38702. Italian Comic Theater (Rocco Rubini)
TAPS 33950. Latin American Women Perform (Danielle Roper)
TAPS 44420. Practices of Classicism in the French Seventeenth Century (Larry Norman)
TAPS 49700. Performance Practice as Research (Leslie Danzig)*

Spring 2020

TAPS 21510/31510. Back Room Shakespeare: Practical Tactics for Acting in a Madhouse (Samuel Taylor)*
TAPS 22310/32310. Performance Art Installations: Performing Diaspora (Pamela Pascoe)*
TAPS 26519/36519. Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung in Performance (David Levin, Stephen Rings)
TAPS 28350/38350. Dance & Theater in Real-Time: Performing Presence and Liveness (Julia Rhoads)*
TAPS 23980/33980. Writing the Short, Short Play: Investigations in Micro-Drama (Mickle Maher)* 
TAPS 28421/38421. Theater for Social Change (Tiffany Trent)
TAPS 45020.  Errant Voices: Performances Beyond Measure (Martha Feldman)
TAPS 49700. Performance Practice as Research (Leslie Danzig)*