Theater & Performance Studies

Where are you located?
Our main offices are located on the second floor of the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, 915 East 60th Street Chicago, IL 60637.

What kind of production work do you do? 
Everything from sketch comedy to musicals to Shakespeare to opera to comedies to tragedies to dance performances to drum improv.

Where can I buy tickets? 
Tickets can be purchased at, at the box office located near the south entrace to the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, or at the door of our FXK and University Church shows. Seating is limited, so try to reserve in advance. 

Can I major or minor in Theater and Performance Studies? 
Yes, yes you can.  That information is found here.  But keep in mind that you do not have to be a major to take any of our classes or be involved in any of our productions. Our major is small (but intense) with typically 15 majors per year. This means more individual attention for you. It is possible to double-major as well.

Do you help student get involved with professional arts in Chicago? 
YES. For those interested in exploring possible careers in the arts, we work to find internships that would create connections and build experience. We have close connections with Court Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre, The Neo-Futurists, 500 Clown, About Face, to name a few. All of our adjunct lecturers work professionally in Chicago, most are leaders in their theatres. Oh, and our courses involve seeing (and critiquing) productions.  

When are rehearsals? 
Most productions rehearse from 7-10pm, Monday-Thursdays, with three hours on Saturday & Sundays.  Depending on the size of your role in the production, you would probably not be called for all of this time.  Technical rehearsals (when all the design elements get integrated) are the weekend before the show opens (runs are Wed-Sat). Those rehearsals are much longer with a “10 out of 12″ being called for twelve hours with a two hour break (10am-10pm with a break for lunch and dinner).  Your director and stage manager should get you the rehearsal schedule a week at a time. They usually post it to the production’s listserv.  You can also check the “UT Space Schedule” calendar to see when and where your production will be. We follow Actor’s Equity standards, which means that there is a 5 minute break every 50 minutes or a 10 minute break every 90 minutes.

Do you rent your theater spaces? 
We don’t, but if you are involved at the UofC we will try and help you find space to perform.

How can I get involved? 
Many, many ways:

  • register for a course
  • audition for a production (all shows audition during first week of every quarter in Cobb)
  • join the listserv, ut-general
  • propose a show
  • join a show staff (the above list-serve is a good way to find out who needs what)
  • walk into the student lounge (second floor, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts) and say, “How can I get involved?”