Committee on Theater & Performance Studies

Student Management Staff (2018-19)

Giovanna Hooton - Marketing Assistant

Jacob Spiegel - Media Manager

Natalia Rodriquez - Photographer

Lily Ren - Videographer

Natalie Chapin - Dance Programs Assistant

Hana Eldessouky - Assistant to the Managing Director

Cedric Elkouh - Front of House Manager

Abigail Reynolds - Front of House Manager

Alexander Mauro - Front of House Manager

Student Technical Staff (2018-19)

Fred Dan - Lighting Shop Staff

Emilia Pitchon - Lighting Shop Staff

Mary Mouton - Lighting Shop Staff

Leo Wehner - Props Shop Staff

Allegra Hatem - Props Shop Staff

Lauren Melton - Assistant to the Production Manager

Reagan Brown - Costume Shop Assistant

Nina Lubeck - Costume Shop Assistant

Rebecca Thompson - Costume Shop Assistant

Tess Gundlah - Costume Shop Assistant

Isaiah Zwick-Schachter - Scene Shop Staff 

Jeni Guarino - Scene Shop Staff 

Katia Kukucka - Scene Shop Staff 

Anna Aguiar Kosicki - Scene Shop Staff