Screen Share Video Gallery is a venue for screen-based media at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, designed as a way to showcase student work made in various production courses in DoVA, including Video, Animation and On Time & Space. This space will also host curatorial projects by students, alumni and guests from various Chicago art organizations. Located in the reception area outside of the Film and Video Screening Room (on the second floor of the Logan Center), Screen Share will function as a video lounge, showcasing programs of video, animation and new media on a rotating schedule.

Current Exhibition

Program 16: Experimental Animation

Exhibition dates: Friday, January 11, 2019- Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Experimental Animation is an intensive production course where students create self-directed animation works. This course explores experimental and improvised approaches to stop-motion video-making, combining analog, manual and material approaches with digital production, post-production and special effects.

Program 16 surveys select animation works made during Scott Wolniak’s Winter 2018 course.

Featuring video works by:

Tyler Aruajo (‘20)
"Face Parade"

Vansh Kalia (‘18)
"Saturday Afternoons"

Madison Moore (‘19)
"A Dance"

Sarah Saltiel (‘19)
"Lost and Found Column for Girls Called Trainwrecks"
"A Manifesto for Those Who Live, Write, or Paint in Anxiety"

Ella Sperling (‘19)
"The Boys in the Band"

Jordan Trouw (‘18)
"Line of Sight" (A music video for the song "Line of Sight", by multi-instrumentalist Elise Trouw)

Cover image is a still from Ella Sperling's, "The Boys in the Band".

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Trailer for Program 16: Experimental Animation
Trailer for Screen Share Late Night: Program 1
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