Screen Share Video Gallery is a venue for screen-based media at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, designed as a way to showcase student work made in various production courses in DoVA, including Video, Animation and On Time & Space. This space will also host curatorial projects by students, alumni and guests from various Chicago art organizations. Located in the reception area outside of the Film and Video Screening Room (on the second floor of the Logan Center), Screen Share will function as a video lounge, showcasing programs of video, animation and new media on a rotating schedule.

Until further notice, all future programming will be hosted on our Vimeo account ( and embedded on this page.

We look forward to connecting with all of you on this platform and are grateful for your continued support and interest.


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Program 23: Minimalist Experiment in Film & Video
Exhibition dates: Friday, April 10, 2020 - Wednesday, June 3, 2020

This program features student works made in D.N. Rodowick’s Minimalist Experiment in Film & Video course, taught during the Fall 2019. This course focuses on minimalist and structuralist strategies, in artists’ film and video, from the 1960’s to present day.

Featuring works by:

Alexander Izikson (‘21 )
"Wasp on Life"

Ningying Jia (‘20)
"Tampered Time"

Camila Gonzalez (’19)
"Hurricane BBOD"
"Scavenging for Memories"

Parth Khare (‘20)
"Shrink Memory"

Alain Kulmburg (‘20)

Anastasia Liu (‘21)
"The Problem"

Thomas Quist (‘20)
"Motion is Emotion"

Steven VanOmmeren (‘20)
"TV Movie"

Krista Varsbergs (MFA ‘19)
"Untitled (Friend)"

Olenka Wellisz

Taren Wilson (‘20)
"Gaze Gaze"

You Wu (‘20)
"Fairy Town"

Adriana T Zavala (‘22)
"On the Greyhound"

Screening Timestamps:

Steven VanOmmeren (‘20), “TV Movie” [00:10]
Anastasia Liu (‘21), “The Problem” [03:05]
Adriana T Zavala (‘22), “On the Greyhound” [03:48]
Taren Wilson (‘20), “Gaze Gaze” [05:38]
Ningying Jia (‘20), “Tampered Time” [08:24]
Parth Khare (‘20), “Shrink Memory” [09:50]
Thomas Quist (‘20), “Motion is Emotion” [13:52]
You Wu (‘20), “Fairy Town” [16:56]
Olenka Wellisz (), “Sensation” [19:04]
Alexander Izikson (‘21 ), “Wasp on Life” [24:22]
Alain Kulmburg (‘20), “Flying” [25:24]

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