After four years of programming at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Screen Share Video Gallery is leaving its body.

Although the physical screen will no longer be churning out a stream of videos and animations around the clock, our mission of presenting the work of exceptional students, alumni and visiting artists is not done.

At this point of transition, we would like to reflect on the wonderful material that has passed through our screen. We are grateful to everyone who has let us show their work, and to all of you who have supported our project by spreading the word, attending events and sharing our posts. We want to acknowledge The University of Chicago community, specifically the Logan Center, Department of Visual Arts, the Department of Cinema and Media Studies and the Film Studies Center for their ongoing support, and offer a very special thanks to Ben Chandler and Justin Williams at the Logan Media Center, Kent Lambert at the Hack Arts Lab and David Wolf at the Logan Center, who’s attention and guidance has made Screen Share possible.

Since the Fall of 2016, Screen Share has hosted 23 video programs (see list below), including new work by video artist Jacob Ciocci; a film premiere by DoVA alumnus Lauren Beck; and a retrospective of animated works by the late, great Hannah Frank. We also hosted two Late Night programs as a nod to night-time and public access television, and were lucky enough to host Let’s Paint TV! These were in addition to literally hundreds of works by our gifted students.

While it is with mixed feelings that the current iteration of Screen Share Video Gallery comes to a close, we are excited about the next phase. We are currently in the process of archiving our past programs for students and faculty to enjoy, and hope to continue collaborating with the MADD center for screenings and events. We remain committed to showcasing student-made video, animation and film work, which was always at the center of this project.

Thank you for tuning in. We’re so grateful for your support over the years. If you have any questions or comments regarding Screen Share now or in the future, please contact

Be well,

Scott Wolniak, Director
Morganne Wakefield, Programming Assistant

List of Past Programs

Program 1: Video
Program 2: Animation
Program 3: Alumni Showcase
Program 4: Minimalist Experiment in Film and Video
Program 5: MFA Thesis Exhibition, “And and and”
Program 6: Spring 2017 Festival Highlights
Program 7: DOUBLE GANGERS curated by Morganne Wakefield
Program 8: Video I & Video Workshop
Program 9: Made Up with Danny Volk
Program 10: Experimental Animation
Program 11: BA Thesis Exhibition, “New Work”
Program 12: MFA Thesis Exhibition, “No Burden for Continuity”
Program 13: Select works by Jayson Kellogg
Program 14: “Hannah Maitland” = Animation
Program 15: Video
Program 16: Experimental Animation
Program 17: Jacob Ciocci
Program 18: MFA Thesis Exhibition, “Ants Don’t Have Names”, select works by Maggie Jensen & Cristen Leifheit
Program 19: Rehearsal, curated by Nicole Mauser
Program 20: Look Back, a film by Lauren Beck
Program 21: Video
Program 22: Experimental Animation
Program 23: Minimalist Experiment in Film and Video

Late Night Program 1: Select works by Jose Luis Benavides, Carey Lin & Gabriel Gilder and Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney

Late Night Program 2: Let’s Paint TV!