Darren Bader (b. 1978)


Bananas, Clam Chowder, Concrete

Located at the Charles M. Harper Center
5807 S. Woodlawn Avenue

Collection of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Artist Profile



In the Rothman Summer Garden at the Booth School of Business, there is a wall label discreetly placed near a bench that simply reads: “Darren Bader, Pavement Piece #2, 2012, Bananas, Clam Chowder, Concrete.” Looking around the garden, one could be forgiven for overlooking this particular sculpture, which is actually part of its impact. At first glance one could easily assume it is a damaged area of the courtyard floor pattern tiles, temporarily patched, and awaiting final repair. It does not function as an addition to the garden space like Giuseppe Penone’s sculpture Ideas of Stone, which is heroically placed in the garden; Pavement Piece #2 interrupts the floor pattern grid plane and alters the garden space. Conceptually, Pavement Piece #2 moves beyond the role of a public sculpture that is merely added to a space, to challenging the neutrality of that space by physically altering it.


Written by Jill Ingrassia–Zingales, AM


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Archival Materials

Description of Pavement Piece #2

Source: Sadie Coles HQ


University of Chicago Booth School of Business Archive

Bader, Darren, Life as a Readymade, (New York: Kiito San 2012)

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