John Henry (b. 1943)

Image of John Henry's Forecast sculpture outside Court Theatre

Installed 1982

Painted aluminum
Height: 96 in (243.8 cm)
Width: 84 in (213.4 cm))
Depth: 60 in (152.4 cm)

Located near the south entrance to Court Theatre
5535 S. Ellis Ave

Gift to the University from the Irving Schweiger Memorial Fund in memory of Irving Schweiger (1919-1982), Professor, Graduate School of Business

Artist Profile


John Henry’s sculptures reach for the sky. Linear pieces of colored steel form precarious configurations that question perceptions of balance, weight, and gravity. But even as Henry’s work is often described as defying gravity or suggesting motion, the artist roots his practice in sound principles of structure, balance, or equilibrium. Henry emphasizes that these principles create “a solid, sensible structure that stands up.”[i] His artworks operate in the balance between planes: they “work with/against the plane of the horizontal” while also “with/against the idea of support.”[ii] As such, his body of work explores both horizontality and verticality. Forecast, installed on the University of Chicago’s campus in 1982, embodies Henry’s search for the “(dis)equilibrium” of a sculpture’s horizontal and vertical components.

[i] David Finn, “Interview: John Henry Talks with David Finn,” in John Henry (New York: Ruder Finn Press, 2010), 33.

[ii] Jim Fuhr, “Introduction,” in Drawing in Space: The Peninsula Project (David McDonald, 2008), 15.

Written by Claire Rich

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