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Date & Time

Sunday, October 2, 2022
5:00 PM


Logan Center, Performance Hall




World Music Festival Chicago brings global grooves by award-winning artists from around the world to the citywide, multi-venue festival featuring more than 30 artists and ensembles representing 22 countries and regions of the world. Now in its 22nd year of live, in-person performances, this year the festival also celebrates 10 years of Ragamala, the largest all-night long presentation of live Indian classical music in the United States. Paolo Angeli (Italy) Surabhi Ensemble (Chicago, IL)  Paolo Angeli Paolo Angeli, born in 1970, started to play guitar when he was 9. He grew up in Palau, an extremely stimulating musical environment.In 2013 Paolo produced his definitive meeting point balanced between traditional Sardinian music, free jazz, flamenco, Arabic nuances, and post-folk music: Sale Quanto Basta (ReR), followed by S’Û (2015 ReR). Paolo spent two years touring around the world and produced Talea (2017 ReR), double album live, with recording from Australia, Brasil, US, Japan, Europe and Turchia’s concerts. Talea is the point of arrival of a research project and a kind of coexistence that has lasted 20 years, during which Angeli embraced the instrument as the natural offshoot of his musical ideas.He has a degree in Ethnomusicology at DAMS, Bologna. From 1997, he has been collaborating with ISRE at the constitution of Archivio Mario Cervo (the most important collection of sardinian records and traditional music).  Surabhi Ensemble presents “Scenes from the Pandemic”Each of us has witnessed profound global change over the past two years. The Surabhi Ensemble’s latest work “Scenes From the Pandemic” is about how artists have interpreted the events of the day and created art shaped by those events. The ensemble has continued to press forward with virtual performances and workshops, live touring, and new work focusing on pandemic life, social justice, and global conflict. Through storytelling vignettes, the group debuts this original work through music, dance, poetry and media from perspectives of the ensemble members and guest artists.  In 2010, the Surabhi Ensemble began with a collaboration between Carlo Basile on Spanish guitar and Indian veena artist, Saraswathi Ranganathan, who is also a Logan Foundation awardee. Over the past twelve years, the ensemble has grown to include many artists and dancers in a vision that brings together music and dance from a cultural mosaic including African, Arab, Andalusian, Indian, and Latinx traditions. The group features world class international artists who collaborate on new music and dance projects that reflect our world and its diverse cultures.
The current line-up is a sextet of musicians which includes Saraswathi Ranganathan (veena ), Dhananjay Kunte (tabla), Ronnie Malley (oud), Bob Garrett (percussion), Carlo Basile (guitar) and Greg Nergaard (bass). The ensemble also includes Indian and Spanish flamenco dancers, Kinnari Vora and Leticia Aravena. Current guest artists on the new work, “Scenes From the Pandemic,” include Juan Díes (guitar, voice) and Lorena Iniguez (vihuela, Mexican dance) from Sones de Mexico and Anita Darwish (flute, Arabic dance). This special World Music Festival debut performance is made possible by the City of Chicago/DCASE with additional support from private sponsors.