DEADLINE: MAY 10, 2019

The application link will only be provided to individuals who attend the Film Asethetic program sessions on April 29th, May 6th, May 13th, and May 20th. 

About the Digital Storytelling Initiative
With an endowment from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation, the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Media Center serves as a sponsor of media arts training, a presenter of new artistic work, and a creative hub for University- and community-based practitioners through its Digital Storytelling Initiative.

In the inaugural year of the Digital Storytelling Initiative, it will sponsor student- and faculty-led digital media summer camps that create learning opportunities for community youth; acquire media equipment to support the creative work of community-based practitioners; co-sponsor an open digital storytelling workshop series with Logan Center Community Arts; and incubate select digital storytelling projects university and community-based artists.


About the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Media Center
The newly dedicated Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Media Center (JLMC) supports curricular and co-curricular artistic digital media production at the University of Chicago. Users engage in production across a range of arts disciplines in pursuit of coursework, individual projects, youth media education, community-based digital storytelling, faculty research, and organized student activities. The JLMC directly supports classes offered by the departments of Cinema and Media Studies, Music, Theater and Performance Studies, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, and Art History.

The Jonathan Logan Media Center provides the necessary infrastructure that allows these efforts to thrive—facilitating programming, filmmaking, podcasting, and other forms of art and digital storytelling that engage diverse audiences. The staff of the JLMC work directly with users through workshops, formal partnerships, and individual mentorship to integrate arts and media technologies into their creative pursuits. In addition, the JLMC provides the specialized space and equipment necessary for a wide range of media production practices.

About Community Film Workshop of Chicago
The mission of the Community Film Workshop of Chicago (CFWC) is to provide access to media production that supports the development of independent media artists in underserved and underrepresented communities. CFWC’s programs in film, video, digital media, and design are designed to increase access and equity in media, and to give people of color, youth, and women the tools to create media and to transform their communities.


DSI Program Contact

Justin Williams
Media Center Training and Community Manager, Jonathan Logan Media Center

Crislin Christian
DSI Production Institute Coordinator, Community Film Workshop