The Logan Media Center supports the academic and programmatic AV needs of the Logan Center, and of art activities across campus. Priority is accorded to arts classes and activities taking place in the Logan Center. All equipment and space usage is subject to the discretion of the Media Center staff.

Terms of Lending:

  • Equipment loans are only available to currently registered students, faculty, and staff of the University of Chicago, who have undergone the appropriate orientation by LMC staff.
  • A valid UChicago ID must be presented at checkout.
  • You are responsible for any lost or damaged equipment up to the replacement cost of that item. 
  • The maximum loan period for all items is 72 hours. Items are due back at their specified return time, set at either the point of checkout or when making a reservation.
  • Any personal data saved on an item may be removed once the item is returned. You are solely responsible for uploading, transferring, backing up, or otherwise handling your data and footage.
  • Items may only be returned to the Logan Media Center equipment cage during regular hours. Items will NOT be accepted at the security desks nor at any other location around campus.


  • All equipment is subject to prior reservation. To ensure equipment availability, you can make reservations in advance at You can also visit or call the equipment cage at 773.834.7718 during business hours. No reservations will be processed via email. Reservations may be declined or voided at the discretion of the LMC staff if they conflict with curricular arts activities.
  • If you borrow a piece of equipment that has been reserved by someone else, your loan may be shortened so that the equipment will be due prior to the reservation.
  • No matter how you make a reservation, you will have 4 hours past the reservation start time to pick up your equipment. After that, the reservation will be voided and the equipment will become available for circulation to others.

Fines and other Charges:

  • Items will incur a $1/hour late fee until they are returned. Each item checked out will incur a separate late charge (ie, a camera, tripod and sound kit, all 5 hours late, will incur a $15 fine).
  • Once late items are returned, you will have 7 days to pay the fine before your account is overdue. Once an account is overdue, you will not be able to make advance reservations through the patron portal and must speak to a staff member at the cage.
  • After 14 days, your account will be on hold and you will be unable to check out any items from the LMC cage, Logan shop, or other affiliated checkout center, until your fine is paid in full.
  • If you buy photo paper, print services or incur any other charges at the LMC they are subject to the same rules and time limits as late fees.
  • Fines and other charges from the LMC must be paid at the Logan Center Box Office during normal business hours (Noon-6, Tu-Sa). Once paid, fines will be cleared from your account on the following business day.
  • There is not a minimum threshold, so even a $5 balance will result in a hold on the account after 14 days.

Notes about kits:

  • If a device has multiple pieces or accessories, you are responsible for making sure that all of the pieces of that kit outlined on the inventory sheet are returned together.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that all pieces of a kit are present before a checkout is completed. Once you leave the cage, you are responsible for all items listed on the inventory.
  • Equipment kits will not be considered returned until all accessories and cables are returned and the kits are intact.

Extensions and Renewals:

  • You will be allowed one renewal of up to 72 hours after the original due time. After that one renewal period, all items must be returned to the cage and checked back in.
  • All renewals of gear must be made either in person or by calling the equipment cage (773.834.7718) during normal hours. Requests for extensions left via email or phone message will not be accepted.
  • Please plan to return items on time as the ability to renew an item is not guaranteed.
  • Extensions cannot be made after the equipment is already overdue.

Updated 08/07/19


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Cage Hours (Fall 2022):
Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm

Saturday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm

Editing Suites and Computer Lab:
Daily: 8am-10pm

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