Department of Visual Arts BA Thesis Exhibition

Mar 31 - Apr 23, 2017

Reception: Fri, Mar 31, 6-8pm

yummy yummy in my tummy
munch munch munch something's funny
feeling sick i'm quite confused
something deep inside s'been loosed
after munching for so long
i'm left feeling very wrong
i made a thing to cure my ills
but i'm left feeling unfulfilled
doctor doctor help me please
examine my body,

The University of Chicago’s Department of Visual Arts and Logan Center Exhibitions present the 2017 BA Thesis Exhibition featuring works by Gabby Davis, Juliet Eldred, Nicholas Hahn, Breanne Johnson, Jurrell Lewis, Angela Lin, Gwen Seol, Alex Whitmore, Ambrose Iu and Kenneth Zheng.

Presented by DoVA and Logan Center Exhibitions with the support of UChicago Arts.