Wednesday, July 29
6:00 PM

Logan Center (915 E 60 St)

A discussion with Arts and Public Life and Center for Race, Politics and Culture artist-in-residence Ayana Contreras. Moderated by Richard Steele, Host at WBEZ. As related to the works on display, the discussion topics include: Nostalgia for a pre-civil rights moment 1970 - 1990, 1970's and decay of urban social fabric, segregation begetting ghettos/Black inner-city poverty, the truth and myth of crack and its effect on and perception of Black inner-city poverty, Role of Motown's heyday, distance from golden era of hip hop and street nostalgia, etc.

Presented by Arts + Public Life, the Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture, and Logan Center Exhibitions.


Ayana Contreras with Richard Steele (Host, WBEZ)