Cliff (2012) and Better (2013)
Windows on levels 7, 8, and 9, beginning in the SW stairwell of Level 9, Logan Center Tower

William Pope.L's Cliff (2012) is a site-specific work, a drawing in vinyl, originally installed as part of the exhibition Wall Text, which closed on February 2, 2013.

Cliff speaks in a contradictory fashion to its surroundings: its peaks and valleys are cast against the ultra-flat Midwestern urban scape that is visible through the windows in all directions. Amidst the incongruous desert cliffs one can make out single letters that spell out a slogan: ON STRIKE FOR BETTER SCHOOLS.

With the extended presentation of Cliff, a bumper sticker is being produced with the title Better (2013). The bumper sticker will proliferate into the social surround through various means from self-directed actions to roving group action. Putting the bumper sticker on one's vehicle or child's notebook is a flag on a hill declaring that the war for better questions is never over.”

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