Department of Visual Arts BA Thesis Exhibition

Pink Chiffon
Apr 2 – Apr 12, 2015
Reception: Thu, Apr 2, 6–8 pm

The entryway is sticky because I spilled a glass of pink champagne on the way in. Last night, I thought I'd shroud the objects in a light layer of fabric, so as to not let dust accumulate over the two-week period. To set the mood I'm playing that one song, where the singer's voice is smooth as silk...

The University of Chicago’s Department of Visual Arts and Logan Center Exhibitions present the 2015 BA Studio Majors Exhibition featuring works by Katie Soule, Alice Bucknell, Theo Shure, Clare Koury, Scarlett Kim, Kirsten Émilie Gindler, Jonah Freedman, Marika Brownlee, and Corinna Anderson.

Presented by Logan Center Exhibitions and DoVA.