Please note: the policies below will be revised for the opening of the new HAL at the MADD Center in early 2019. Check here again and/or visit the center for updates!

Terms of Use:

  • HAL is available for use by University of Chicago students, faculty and staff in good standing with a valid UCID.
  • Our user agreement must be signed and accepted by a member of our staff prior to using the facilities. Please visit HAL to read and sign our user agreement.
  • By accepting our user agreement you agree to follow all safety and usage policies stated here or posted in the lab, as well as any instructions from HAL staff.
  • Our goal is to make HAL’s resources available to a wide range of users across a range of disciplines. HAL is not intended to provide or replace resources for ongoing faculty research. Neither is it intended to be a service bureau- it is a place for experimentation, cross-pollination, and exploring emerging intersections of digital and physical domains. HAL staff reserves the right to prioritize space and equipment usage for certain users, or deny access to any user, in order to fulfill these usage goals.
  • Objects produced at HAL are not to be sold for profit- we are not a production facility.
  • Access to HAL is free. Materials suitable for use with the Laser engraver are available for purchase in the lab, or you may bring your own as long as it is safe to use. 3D prints on the Objet 30 are priced by weight. Please see a member of the HAL staff for current prices, material availability, and lead times.
  • You will be held responsible for any and all damage that you cause to HAL spaces; additionally, you will be responsible for damage caused by guests you invite into the space.

Training and Access:

  • Basic access is available by signing the HAL user agreement. Certain resources require further orientation before use.
  • HAL may only be used when a staff member is present. At the end of posted hours, the lab may be kept open at the discretion of staff.
  • HAL is generally first come, first served. We do offer reservations to be made on the laser engraver in 15 minute increments- see a staff member to make a reservation.
  • At certain times classes will be scheduled in the HAL space. When classes are using the facility it is off limits to general user access. Whenever possible we will schedule classes outside of general access hours to minimize inconvenience.
  • We offer training modules geared towards specific processes, equipment, and software. Please visit our training page for more information.
  • The Objet 30 3D printer is only to be operated by HAL staff. If you would like us to run a print for you, please see a staff member for rates and lead times.

Safety and Housekeeping:

  • Please comply with all posted safety information and staff instructions.
  • If you intentionally disregard safety instructions or endanger other HAL users, your access privileges may be revoked.
  • Laser Safety: The laser engraver produces fumes, heat, and light radiation that are potentially dangerous to the operator and to lab occupants. Never run the laser without the fume extraction unit. Do not look directly at the laser beam. Always be cognizant of the potential for fire, especially if you deviate from system presets for a given material. Never operate the laser without a staff member present.
  • Soldering Safety: Soldering irons produce heat and fumes that are potentially dangerous to the operator and to lab occupants. Always use the fume exhaust devices and exercise care when using soldering irons.
  • There are various power and hand tools at HAL that present dangers due to sharp and/or moving parts. Please follow all recommended safety procedures and wear safety glasses when using power tools.
  • When in HAL be aware of what is going on around you, and how your activities may impact other users.
  • Please clean up after yourself and put away tools and supplies that are not in use. A messy environment is frustrating and can lead to accidents.
  • Try to keep messy activities at the South end of the lab, where the workbenches are. Please reserve the North end of the space for computing, visualization, and other clean activities.

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