Fabricating Color: A Multidisciplinary Conference on Color and Method

Friday April 25 (Logan Center Room 801)

6 - 8pm                                                        RECEPTION 

Francesca Casadio, Andrew W. Mellon Senior Conservation Scientist at the Art Institute of Chicago, "Analyze This: Chroma, Chronology, and Change in Modern Paintings" 

Saturday April 26 (Logan Center Performance Penthouse)

8.30 - 9am    Breakfast & Introduction by Nick Gaskill and Jonathan Schroeder 

9 - 10.30                                                       HISTORY

Nick Gaskill, Assistant Professor of English, Rutgers University at New Brunswick, “Of Primitives and Primaries: Color Pedagogy at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

Laura Anne Kalba, Assistant Professor of Art History, Smith College, “Chronicling the Color Revolution: Color Photography in Belle Époque France”

Jonathan Schroeder, Graduate Student in English & American Literature, University of Chicago, “The Painting of Modern Light: Local Color before Regionalism”

Moderator: Benjamin Morgan, Assistant Professor of English Language & Literature, University of Chicago

10.30 – 12                                                   POLITICS 

L. Ayu Saraswati, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, “Affectively Invested in Color: The Emotionscape of White Beauty and Scholarly Works on Skin Color”

Michael Rossi, Assistant Professor of the History of Medicine and in the College, University of Chicago, “Ten Notes on Color, Bodies, and Anthropology”

Osagie Obasogie, Professor of Law, UC-Hastings, & Associate Adjunct Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, UC-San Francisco, “Do Blind People See Race? Social, Legal, and Theoretical Considerations" 

Moderator: Ainsley LeSure, Graduate Student in Political Science, University of Chicago

12 – 1 (Gray Center Lab)                              LUNCH

1 – 2.30                                                      PHILOSOPHY

Zed Adams, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The New School, “On the Genealogy of Color: A Case Study of Historicized Conceptual Analysis”

Jonathan Cohen, Professor of Philosophy, University of California at San Diego, “The Red and the Real: An Essay on Color Ontology”

Chris Kennedy, Professor and Chair, Linguistics, and Rebekah Baglini, Graduate Student in Linguistics, University of Chicago, “Fabricating Color Words”

Moderator: James Conant, Chester D. Tripp Professor of Humanities, Professor of Philosophy, and Professor in the College at the University of Chicago

3 – 4.30                                                     ART

David Hilbert, Professor of Philosophy, University of Illinois-Chicago, “Spraying Color”

Jordan Martins, Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts, North Park College, “Strange Attractions”

Carolyn Kane, Assistant Professor of Film and Media, Hunter College, “Lillian Schwartz, Collaborative Color, and Digital Art at Bell Laboratories, 1965-1984”

Jessica Stockholder, Raymond W. & Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of the Department of Visual Arts, Chicago, “Color - The Most Interesting Tool in the Toolkit”

Moderator: Michael Rossi, Assistant Professor of the History of Medicine and in the College, University of Chicago

5 – 6 (Gray Center Lab)                            ROUNDTABLE