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The Amplify partners offer a variety of high-quality performance and visual arts education opportunities for teachers and their school classes. We are excited to offer—to those teachers looking for a deeper learning experience and broader arts exposure for their students—multi-site field trips. During these programs students explore two different arts disciplines at Amplify institutions either over the course of a single dynamic day on the University of Chicago campus or over the course of multiple visits. (Amplify will work with individual schools to tailor the most effective schedule for these experiences.)  

The experiences are designed to inspire deeper levels of learning and engagement by offering students from different age groups the opportunity to draw connections to and explore themes across multiple art disciplines, eras, and cultures. Amplify organizations will engage teachers as planning partners and help articulate connections to curricular content and standards to increase impact on school culture. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the organization at which you’d like to begin your visit and they will work with you to coordinate the experience.

Arts + Public Life: Quenna Barrett,

Court Theatre: Heidi Thompson Saunders,

Logan Center for the Arts: Dominique Boyd,

Oriental Institute: Calgary Haines-Trautman,

Smart Museum of Art: Jason Pallas,