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Saturday, February 24, 2018
10:30 AM


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Seminary Co-op Bookstore
(773) 752-4381


“An endearing picture-book debut about tolerance and the assumption of enmity instead of friendship.” —Kirkus Reviews

Jay Fleck discusses "Tilly and Tank"

At 57th Street Books

About the book: A sweet and funny picture book that looks at the blossoming friendship between an elephant and a tank and encourages kids to make friends, not war.

Tilly the elephant is taking her morning stroll when she notices something strange on the horizon. Is it another elephant? The newcomer has a trunk and tail, but he’s a very curious shade of green. Tank, on the other hand, notices an odd-looking creature approaching. It has a barrel and a turret, like Tank, but is a curious shade of blue. Is it a new enemy tank? Tank’s alarm sounds and he goes BOOM, scaring Tilly off. But when Tilly returns with a flower, Tank begins to understand that she might not be an enemy at all.

"Tilly and Tank" is a heartwarming tale of friendship, peace and understanding by debut author/illustrator Jay Fleck.

About the author: Jay Fleck is a designer and illustrator based in Shorewood, IL. He is the illustrator of the picture books "Double Take!," "Black Belt Bunny" and "Everything You." His artwork has been featured on products at the GAP, on Threadless and on the front page of, as well as a number of other brick-and-mortar and internet stores. "Tilly and Tank" is the first picture book he has both written and illustrated.