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Thursday, January 25, 2018
5:00 PM


Cochrane-Woods Art Center 157



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Arts and Science Intiative


Carl Fuldner (PhD candidate, Art History) and Shane DuBay (PhD candidate, Evolutionary Biology) will discuss their collaborative project that began in 2014–15 as "The Phoenix Index"—a recipient of an Arts, Science + Culture Graduate Collaboration Grant. This presentation of striking photographs alongside time-series analysis will show the findings from their investigation of bird specimen collections that span 130 years and which revealed extraordinary information about air pollution in major US centers of industry from the Industrial Revolution to today. The study has been covered by media outlets throughout the US and abroad, including The Atlantic, Popular Science, The New York Times, and BBC News.

Reception to follow.

Co-presented by the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative and the Department of Art History.

Carl Fuldner is a PhD candidate in Art History and currently the Marcia Brady Tucker Fellow in the Department of Photography at the Yale University Art Gallery. His dissertation is titled "Evolving Photography: Naturalism, Art, and Experience, 1889–1909" and explores the mutually informing relationship between nature and photography in the late nineteenth century, with an emphasis on Darwinian ideas.

Shane DuBay is a PhD candidate in Evolutionary Biology and is a student of the Bird Division at The Field Museum of Natural History. He studies how interactions between organisms and their environment affect biodiversity