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Date & Time

Thursday, November 1, 2018
12:30 PM


Oriental Institute




Oriental Institute - Public Education Office



The pottery and other objects in the opening cases of the Oriental Institute Museum’s Mesopotamia Gallery tell a story of conflicts and false starts that led to the establishment of the world’s first cities and large scale governments over two millennia of immense change. These artifacts illustrate the role of changing aesthetics in the creation of the symbols upon which these new institutions, now so central to the way we experience the world, were based. Join PhD candidate Akiva Sanders to explore several vignettes that form part of this larger story through an investigation of these artifacts.

Explore the ancient world with a 45-minute gallery talk in the Oriental Institute Museum. Travel to a time and place beyond the University to learn about archaeological discoveries, unlock the secrets of civilization, and gain a greater appreciation of our ancestors.

Registration is not required. Please note that this event starts fifteen minutes later than usual.