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Date & Time

Thursday, September 6, 2018
12:15 PM


Oriental Institute Museum




Oriental Institute - Public Education Office


Boats were essential to life and death along the Nile; they facilitated travel and commerce, the construction of the pyramids, and navigating the world beyond. Join nautical archaeologist Douglas Inglis (PhD student, Texas A&M) in an examination of Egyptian watercraft models at the Oriental Institute Museum. We will look at the fundamental role boats played in the lifeways of ancient Egypt, and how they became integrated into both religious rituals and the mortuary cult. We will also examine them as technological objects, and discuss how simple reed rafts developed into complex sailing machines.

Explore the ancient world with a 45-minute gallery talk in the Oriental Institute Museum. Travel to a time and place beyond the University to learn about archaeological discoveries, unlock the secrets of civilization, and gain a greater appreciation of our ancestors.

Registration is not required.