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Date & Time

Thursday, December 13, 2018
12:15 PM


Oriental Institute




Oriental Institute - Public Education Office


Our knowledge of Ancient Egyptian clothing mostly derives from various visual sources on which Egyptians are depicted in two and three-dimensional way. This important corpus of sources can however be expanded by analyzing the organic material that has survived in significant numbers thanks to the dry climate of Egypt.

Join Egyptologist Aleksandra Hallmann, Postdoctoral Scholar at the Oriental Institute to explore the collection of the Oriental Institute Museum to find out what ancient Egyptian textiles look like when they are found in the archaeological excavation and how they are represented in visual sources. Learn about the basic rules of Egyptian art that affected the depiction of clothed figures that influenced our modern perception of Egyptian clothing. Finally, learn about the multipurpose use of one piece of cloth as well as its re-usage in various contexts.

Explore the ancient world with a 45-minute gallery talk in the Oriental Institute Museum. Travel to a time and place beyond the University to learn about archaeological discoveries, unlock the secrets of civilization, and gain a greater appreciation of our ancestors.

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