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Date & Time

Monday, September 23, 2019
6:00 PM


Seminary Co-op Bookstore


Free and open to the public


Seminary Co-op Bookstore
(773) 752-4381


"Heike Schotten's 'Nietzsche's Revolution' puts some kick into well-heeled concepts - will to power, truth, life, health - as well as taking paths less traveled - 'Race-Mixing' and 'Queering Revolution.' Rather than create a consistent Nietzsche, Schotten attempts to embrace his contradictions to present a balanced Nietzsche."––Kelly Oliver, W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University

C. Heike Schotten discusses "Queer Terror: Life, Death, and Desire in the Settler Colony." A Q&A and signing will follow the discussion.

At the Co-op

About the book: In "Queer Terror," C. Heike Schotten offers a critique of U.S. settler-colonial empire that draws on political, queer, and critical indigenous theory to situate Bush’s either/or moralism and reframe the concept of terrorism. The categories of the War on Terror exemplify the moralizing politics that insulate U.S. empire from critique, render its victims deserving of its abuses, and delegitimize resistance to it as unthinkable and perverse. Schotten provides an anatomy of this moralism, arguing for a new interpretation of biopolitics that is focused on sovereignty and desire rather than racism and biology. This rethinking of biopolitics puts critical political theory of empire in dialogue with the insights of both native studies and queer theory. Building on queer theory’s refusal of sanctity, propriety, and moralisms of all sorts, Schotten ultimately contends that the answer to Bush’s ultimatum is clear: dissidents must reject the false choice he presents and stand decisively against “us,” rejecting its moralism and the sanctity of its “life,” in order to further a truly emancipatory, decolonizing queer politics.

About the author: C. Heike Schotten is associate professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is the author of "Nietzsche’s Revolution: Décadence, Politics, and Sexuality" (2009).