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Saturday, May 14, 2022
6:00 PM


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Seminary Co-op Bookstore
(773) 752-4381


Chuck Klosterman will discuss "The Nineties: A Book." He will be joined in conversation by Mark Bazer.

Presented in partnership with the Chicago Humanities Festival
This is a ticketed in-person event. It will be held at the Venue SIX10. Masks and proof of vaccination are required. Find more details on health and safety measures here.

About the book: It was long ago, but not as long as it seems: The Berlin Wall fell and the Twin Towers collapsed. The 90s brought about a revolution in the human condition we’re still groping to understand. Happily, Chuck Klosterman is more than up to the job. Beyond epiphenomena like “Cop Killer” and Titanic and Zima, there were wholesale shifts in how society was perceived: the rise of the internet, pre-9/11 politics, and the paradoxical belief that nothing was more humiliating than trying too hard. Pop culture accelerated without the aid of a machine that remembered everything, generating an odd comfort in never being certain about anything. On a 90’s Thursday night, more people watched any random episode of Seinfeld than the finale of Game of Thrones.But nobody thought that was important; if you missed it, you simply missed it. It was the last era that held to the idea of a true, hegemonic mainstream before it all began to fracture, whether you found a home in it or defined yourself against it. In "The Nineties," Chuck Klosterman makes a home in all of it: the film, the music, the sports, the TV, the politics, the changes regarding race and class and sexuality, the yin/yang of Oprah and Alan Greenspan.

About the author: Chuck Klosterman is the bestselling author of eight nonfiction books (including "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs"; "I Wear the Black Hat"; "But What If We’re Wrong?"; and "Killing Yourself to Live," two novels ("Downtown Owl" and "The Visible Man"), and the short story collection "Raised in Captivity." He has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, GQ, Esquire, Spin, The Guardian, The Believer, Billboard, The A.V. Club, and ESPN. Klosterman served as the Ethicist for The New York Times Magazine for three years, appeared as himself in the LCD Soundsystem documentary 'Shut Up and Play the Hits.'

About the interlocutor: Mark Bazer is the host and executive producer of 'The Interview Show,' a talk show filmed at The Hideout for Chicago PBS station WTTW. He is also a contributing writer to Chicago Magazine.