The Cultural Policy Center is committed to:

  • Preparing students of public policy for careers in the cultural sector
  • Developing future researchers and scholars in the field of cultural policy research
  • Developing research that provides the basis for informed policy decisions affecting cultural institutions, activities, and markets at the local, regional, national and international levels
  • Generating policy options for cultural administrators and policymakers
  • Advancing public dialogue on policy and culture issues of the day, through collaborative programs and working conferences that engage faculty, students, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and partners in the cultural and philanthropic field


The Cultural Policy Center's courses provide the option of a cultural policy focus within the University of Chicago’s Master of Public Policy program at the Harris School of Public Policy, the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities, or the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences.

Students in other Master of Arts programs also can build courses of study in cultural policy within the guidelines of their specific programs, and through consultations with their advisors and with faculty affiliated with the Cultural Policy Center.

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The Cultural Policy Center hosts workshops weekly during the school year. Speakers include both academics and cultural sector practitioners, and the events draw attendees from across the city as well as several different academic divisions. The events are free and open to the public.

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Cultural Policy Center