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​John Santerre (PhD candidate, Computer Science, UChicago)
Will Wiebe (MFA candidate, Photography, SAIC)

Satellite images abstract the familiar world into an accumulation of shapes and colors. Roads become lines, blocks become rectangles, cities become grids. The instrumentalization of the bird’s-eye view has developed from the Corona reconnaissance programs of the 1960s to the drone flights of today. In every instance, the production of the image presumes the presence of an adversary. Consequently, the possibilities for misidentification are magnified beyond imperfect information or an imperfect interpreter. In the presence of an adversarial strategy, The View from Nowhere, considers suprahuman vision both “above” (the bird’s-eye view) and “beyond” (the non-sight of computer vision) the perspective of the human. Producing a series of unidentifiable images, Will Wiebe and John Santerre explore the misclassification of satellite imagery and, in particular, the divergence of human and computer vision using industry-standard deep neural networks.