Andrew Malone (PhD candidate, Glaciology and Climatology, UChicago)
Meredith Leich (MFA candidate, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation, SAIC) 

The near-global glacier retreat of recent decades is among the most convincing evidences for contemporary climate change. But how can we understand the scale of a glacier, both physically and temporally, from very far away? How can we relate to these seemingly abstract but very real climate changes in our world? Scaling Quelccaya explores visual strategies for conveying the retreat of the Quelccaya Ice Cap, the world’s largest tropical glaciated area, located in the Peruvian Andes. Drawing on 30 years of satellite imagery of the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Meredith Leich and Andrew Malone generate a virtual recreation of the glacier’s retreat using 3D animation and gaming software. The final result is an animated video installation juxtaposing the glacier with the City of Chicago, placing the two sites in an imagined framework to bring these distant spaces into intimate scale.

Funded by the Graduate Division, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).