Andrew Bearnot (MFA candidate, Visual Art, UChicago)
Ken Ellis-Guardiola (PhD student, Chemistry, UChicago)
Jeff Montgomery (PhD student, Chemistry, UChicago).

What does it feel like to be a molecule? In Molecular Movement, Andrew Bearnot, Ken Ellis-Guardiola, and Jeff Montgomery explore the notion of molecular dynamics through dance, reimagining the Brownian (random) motion of the molecular world as a novel grammar of movement. Through a choreography of chance and improvisation governed by simple gestures, rules, and costumes, 'Molecular Movement' engages large ensembles of untrained bodies, addressing these participants as both performer and audience. The project expands on limitations of current chemical models and simulations, and provides unique scientific insights in areas such as protein engineering. This work also functions as a tool of education and outreach, embodying abstract scientific ideas in formats that are approachable, playful, and engaging to diverse audiences.