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Profiles, Sound Bites, Interviews

MAY 2015 We sat down two of our 2014-15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows, Mallory James (PhD student, Anthropology) and Daniel Reid (MS candidate, Institute for Molecular Engineering), to interview each other. James is in the initial stages of researching engineering and and technologist corporate communities in Australia; Reid is researching the behavior and function of glassy materials in a simulation group at the Institute for Molecular Engineering.

MAY 2015 Richard Williamson (MFA candidate, Visual Art, UChicago) was selected as one of six 2014–15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows. Williamson's work is playful, absurd, deadly serious, and often (quite literally) a little off-color. In the spirit of Williamson's work, we sent him a number of redacted interview questions for him to interpret and respond to. The conversation moves through a discussion of his traveling project space Good Times Waiting Room, the role of "free zones" in his work, and his experience as an Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellow. Read the interview here.

JANUARY 2015 Shane DuBay (PhD candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, UChicago) and Carl Fuldner (PhD candidate, Department of Art History, UChicago) are one of seven collaborative teams to have received a Graduate Collaboration Grant in 2014–15. During their research at the Field Museum, they encountered some interesting, and unexpected, scientific findings. Read the interview here.

DECEMBER 2014 We were excited at the opportunity to ask poet and 2014–15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellow Hannah Brooks-Motl (PhD student, English, UChicago) for some insight into her process, her thoughts on poetry and scholarship, and to get some updates on her upcoming research trip to California. Read the interview here.

DECEMBER 2014 We had a chance to catch up with Bill Hutchison (PhD candidate, English, UChicago) and Anya Bershad (PhD, MD candidate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, UChicago) about their 2013–14 Graduate Collaboration Grant project Fiction Addition. Read the interview here.