Jelani Hannah (PhD candidate, Physics, UChicago)
Zoe Greenham (MFA candidate, Sculpture, SAIC) 

Despite its negative connotations, urban runoff could be viewed as a lively force that moves through cities tracking social and material activity. A collector of all: it does not discriminate what it picks up, it carries itself across neighborhoods and even absorbs whatever is present in the city air. In Imagining with Runoff, this collaboration will suspend negative understandings of runoff water and examine it instead through the lens of integration, possibility and transformation. Together Jelani Hannah (Physics) and Zoe Greenham (Sculpture) will collect, examine and work with runoff water. This collaboration will seek potentiality, both artistic and scientific, in this active urban water presence.

Funded by the Graduate Division, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).