Hilary Leathem (PhD student, Anthropology, UChicago)
Adrienne Elyse Meyers (MFA candidate, Visual Arts, UChicago)
Agnes Mondragón Celis-Ochoa (PhD student, Anthropology, UChicago)

When does the sacred—often grounded in the religious structures of society—become uncanny? When does a god become a ghost? And moreover, at what point does a ritual take on the mantle of the supernatural? Our project investigates at what point a spiritual experience becomes a haunted one, and when it does so by interrogating the fluid, permeable border between these respective notions. We intend to explore the ways by which the sacred and the haunted are entangled through the convergence of approaches found in anthropology and visual art. Both disciplines have been deeply concerned with these issues but have often rendered them independent of one another. Considering the affects, perceptions, and experiences the sacred and the haunted conjure, our artistic venture is also an exploration of phenomenology and the sensuous. Hilary Leathem (Anthropology), Adrienne Elyse Meyers (Visual Arts), and Agnes Mondragón Celis-Ochoa (Anthropology) used sound, video, and material culture in an attempt to evoke and open up interpretations of the uncanny. In the end, this collaboration replicates the strangeness of the sacred, the sublime, and the haunted.