APRIL 2016 What does it feel like to be a molecule? This month we had a chance to catch up with 2015–16 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Collaboration grantees Andrew Bearnot (MFA candidate, Visual Art, UChicago), Ken Ellis-Guardiola (PhD candidate, Chemistry, UChicago) and Jeff Montgomery (PhD student, Chemistry, UChicago). In order to give us a look into their dynamic collaborative exchanges, we asked Andrew, Jeff and Ken to play a chain-reaction game, akin to “telephone," where they shared images and words with us. We spliced those with a discussion about their project to create an interview format that is as unexpected and energetic as their work together. Read more about Molecular Movement here.

Andrew Bearnot (MFA candidate, Visual Art, UChicago) and chemists Ken Ellis-Guardiola (PhD candidate, Chemistry, UChicago) and Jeff Montgomery (PhD student, Chemistry, UChicago)April, 2016