Anthony Adcock (MFA Candidate, Department of Visual Arts)
Samuel Meehan (PhD Candidate, Department of Physics)

This project is a "collision" of visual art and particle physics emerging from the collision of subatomic particles at CERN's Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. Although visual representations have been produced independently and in collaboration with CERN, the topic of representation has evolved over the past decade as the focus of the science at CERN has evolved. And no representation has yet taken the planned form of this project. 

Adcock (Visual Arts) painted a series of panels forming a "3D painting" that will represent the full process of producing and subsequently detecting particles, like the Higgs boson, which Meehan (Physics) studies. It took the audience from the chalkboard of the theorist, to the quantum mechanical interactions in the experiments that give science insights into the fundamentals of our universe.