You may have noticed a set of actions taking place in the halls of the Logan Center, or perhaps you've heard rumors...

If you have, we imagine you might be interested in learning more. This page exists to give you some background on the actions and, if you wish, allow you the opportunity to respond.  

  • Brown People Are the Wrens in the Parking Lot is an art campaign facilitated by students, staff, and faculty at the Logan Center. It is comprised of a set of seemingly impromptu interventions as well as an exhibition that will be on view from November 10, 2017 through January 7, 2018 in the Logan Center Gallery. The exhibition will serve as a site for responses from the community and will host a number of public programs throughout its duration, notably a town hall meeting at the opening on November 10 from 6pm to 8pm. We invite you to the town hall (and all subsequent programming) to give us feedback on the project and put your two cents in. 

The campaign has so far been carried out in secret, concerning the folks behind the curtain. This aspect of secrecy is key to the project's tone, intention, and effectiveness. Part of the idea is to explore the experience of not knowing, and to consider how the limits of our knowledge play a part in our understanding of where we work, live, or learn in relation to themes of immigration. This lack of knowledge is oftentimes articulated as ignorance. However, a fresh way to think about ignorance is as possibility and opportunity, for example, the possibility to address what we are afraid of or reluctant to know. The Wrens campaign calls on us to consider, when viewing issues of immigration, how ignorance works in our daily lives and in society at large.  

We created this project as a service to the community of the Logan Center and beyond. We invite all those interested in learning more about the project to send us your responses. There are a number of ways that you can share with us:

  • Join us in person during the town hall meeting where we will eat, drink, and converse about the project, but more importantly the issues of immigration and non-knowing. The town hall will take place on Friday, November 10, 6-8pm in the Logan Center Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition opening. 
  • Drop off a response. This can be a physical letter, a painting, a written proposal for a performance, etc. etc. Physical drop offs can be made at the Logan Center Gallery between 10am and noon from Monday, October 30 through Friday, November 3. ALL submitted materials may be presented in the exhibition. 
  • Stop by the Logan Center Gallery during the run of the exhibition from November 10, 2017 through January 7, 2018 and leave a comment on our comment wall.
  • Submit an anonymous comment on this page below. ALL submissions may be presented in the exhibition.
  • Propose a bit of programming you'd like to do in the space. First come, first served.

This campaign is happening at a significant moment. Nationally and globally, we have witnessed heightened debates over immigration, race, and the fight of the 99%. On a local level, race relations and class distinctions mark daily experiences in Chicago as in many other American cities. 

Much closer to home, this October the Logan Center celebrates its fifth year. As a multidisciplinary art center committed to serving communities within the University and on the South Side of Chicago, the Logan Center exists as a working example of a living possibility of bridging gaps between people.  

Brown People Are the Wrens in the Parking Lot aims to provide space for us to collectively address questions and create actions concerning difference and possibility in our society. Using the Logan Center as the locus of its activities, the Wrens campaign aims to highlight how immigration is articulated through all of our lives in so many ways—for example, on the level of institutions, and on the level of community.  

We hope that we have given you some good information on the "whys" behind the Wrens campaign. Bottom line, we need your help to articulate these issues. We can't do this by ourselves and we are actively and positively soliciting the generosity of your response.  

Thank you!


Please Note: By sumitting a physical response or comment online, you agree for this material to be used within the context of the exhibition at the Logan Center Gallery. All responses will be presented anonymously and appear in full without modification.

Brown People Are the Wrens in the Parking Lot is presented by Logan Center Exhibitions. Generous support provided by the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at the University of Chicago.


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Intervention 1: September 27–October 2
Almost anywhere you look in the Logan Building

Intervention 2: October 4–5
It's In The Air

Intervention 3: October 10–16
Almost anywhere you look in the Logan Building

Intervention 4: October 20–24
Video Wall Monitors, 1st, 2nd, 9th and Basement Floors of the Logan Building

Intervention 5: October 24–26
Library: Practice Room 039
Tuesday October 24 - 2:00-5:00pm
Wednesday October 25 - 1:00-4:00pm
Thursday October 26 - 9:00am-12:00pm