The Bridge intends to form such a network for exchange, production, and diffusion, to build a transatlantic bridge that will be crossed on a regular basis by French and American musicians as part of collaborative projects. And, in addition to the scheduled projects, encourage meetings and relationships between creative musicians and perpetuate them. In other words: to give them the times and spaces to join and rejoin on both sides of the ocean and to deepen their exchanges.



The Bridge #9, Epiphany
FRI, NOV 10, 7:30pm
Logan Center Performance Penthouse, Free

Featuring Mankwe Ndosi, Mike Ladd, Sylvain Kassap & Dana Hall



bridgethumb2.jpgThe Bridge #11, A Pride of Lions
SUN, MAY 6th, 7 pm
Logan Center Performance Penthouse, Free

Featuring Joe McPhee, Daunik Lazro, Joshua Abrams, Guillaume Segron & Chad Taylor