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A selection of our 2014-2015 Graduate Collaboration Grantees were featured by the UChicago News. Read more here.

The article includes interviews with Benedikt Diemer (PhD candidate, Astropysics, UChicago) and Isaac Facio (MFA Candidate, Fiber & Material Studies, SAIC) about their project The Fabric of the Universe; and with Geoff Brookshire (Ph.D candidate, Psychology, UChicago), Kyler Brown (Ph.D candidate, Computational Neuroscience, UChicago) and Marcelle Pierson (Ph.D candidate, Music History and Theory, UChicago) about their project Syntax & Songbirds.

The team members of “Syntax & Songbirds” found no shortage of new perspective through this collaboration of seemingly disparate fields. For Brown, the major lesson involved collaboration as a whole.

“The essence of collaboration requires giving up complete control of the project, and trusting the expertise of my collaborators,” Brown said.

Pierson also found a new understanding of her field.

“Composition is all about constraints, and the science informing this composition gave me a new and fascinating set of both possibilities and limitations,” she said.

Both of these projects exemplify the novel results of collaborations between arts and sciences, demonstrating the efficacy of offering such grants, Lemon said.

And each year, she noted, “the collaborations and the projects have become more and more sophisticated, and more students become interested in the initiative.”

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