UChicago Humanities Day: The Finch and the Phoenix

We're looking forward to a lively panel discussion from 3:30-4:30 PM on Saturday, October 17 for UChicago Humanities Day. Two of our 2014-15 Graduate Collaboration Grantee projects will be presented on the panel "The Finch and the Phoenix: Birds Across Worlds." at Cobb Hall, Room 201.  You can read more about Geoff Brookshire (PhD candidate, Psychology, UChicago), Kyler Brown (PhD candidate, Computational Neuroscience, UChicago) and Marcelle Pierson's (PhD candidate, Music, UChicago) project Syntax & Songbirds, or Carl Fuldner (PhD, Art History, UChicago) and Shane Dubay's (PhD candidate, Ecology & Evolution, UChicago) project The Phoneix Index here.


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