Graduate Fellows: Where are they headed?

After a year of social distancing and sheltering in place, the 2020–21 Arts, Science, and Culture Initiative Graduate Fellows are on the move again, with an exciting summer of travel to archives, conferences, internships, artistic collaborations, and so much more ahead of them.

Anchita Addhyal (Molecular Engineering) hones her science communication skills by attending the 2021 Science Writer’s Conference in Colorado. Hazal Corak (Anthropology) jets to London for the Archaeo-Metallurgy Summer School, where she will engage in a series of practical experiments with metalsmithing to acquire embodied experience corollary to her academic research on historical metalwork. Sara Grose (MFA, Visual Arts) will travel abroad to immerse in new places, cultures, and artifacts as inspiration for future artistic production. Ram Itani (Chemistry)—hot in pursuit of the provenance of a prehistoric narrative gifted to the Indianapolis Museum of Art—will travel to Janakpur, Nepal, and Patna, India, to interview art and language experts, who he hopes will provide critical insight to help translate the story from its original language into English. Maria Kaoutzani (Music Composition) heads to Cyprus to create a video for her solo violin piece, Arachne, based in folk dance from the south of Italy redolent of an old exorcism ritual. Sila Ulug (Art History/TAPS) is attending security officer training and certification courses as a prerequisite for developing a performance piece on crowd management in museum spaces. Alex Zhang (Cinema and Media Studies) visits film archives at the Cinémathèque française in Paris to access rare materials shedding light on the creative processes of directors Jean Epstein, Abel Gance, and Germaine Dulac.


-Lee Jasperse, Graduate Management Fellow

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