ASCI Graduate Fellows 2018–19: Where are they headed?

The 2018–2019 Arts, Science, and Culture Initiative Graduate Fellows have had an exciting year immersing in each other’s disciplines and exchanging methodologies. Now, they have a summer of travel ahead, presenting at conferences, conducting innovative dissertation research, collaborating on new artistic projects, and much more. Arianna Gass (English/Theater & Performance) heads to Philadelphia, NYC, and the English countryside for a summer of interactive performances and live-action role-playing games to feel out how embodied, immersive theater can put participants in touch with remote fantasies and histories. Jordie Davies (Political Science) and Tien-Tien Jong (Cinema & Media Studies) will both travel to Honolulu for the American Studies Association annual meeting, where they will attend and present talks on racial justice organizing. Jong continues onto the Nitrate Picture Show at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY, a festival dedicated to screenings of and lectures about vintage nitrate film prints. So as to better engage with the ethical issues raised by her gene therapy-innovating engineering research, Rachel Wallace (Molecular Engineering) is attending the European Conference on the Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care in Oslo, Norway. Ruben Waldman (Molecular Engineering) heads to Bellevue and Seattle to explore those cities’ water-use infrastructures while presenting cutting-edge work on water filtration at the International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition. Terence Wong (Visual Arts) is visiting New York and San Diego, where he will produce field recordings of the environments in which several major 20th-century composers’ experimental practices bloomed. Will Myers (Music Composition) will nestle into a quiet place to collaborate with composers and choreographers on two to four new works, slated for performance in 2020. Cameron Hu (Anthropology) will travel to Mexico City and Vera Cruz to research the political ecology of oil in Mexico springing up during a moment in which once-nationalized oil reserves are being privatized. We look forward to hearing about their experiences!

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