Arts, Science & Culture Profile: Mallory James & Daniel Reid

For our most recent profile feature, we sat down two of our Arts, Science & Culture Fellows, Mallory James (PhD student, Anthropology) and Daniel Reid (MS candidate, Institute for Molecular Engineering), to interview each other. James is in the initial stages of researching engineering and and technologist corporate communities in Australia; Reid is researching the behavior and function of glassy materials in a simulation group at the Institute for Molecular Engineering.

The Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows program is for UChicago students whose work is firmly anchored in the humanities, social sciences, or sciences, but for whom crossing disciplinary boundaries is integral to the particularities of their research, writing, artistic practice, or scientific inquiry. The Fellows meet monthly over dinner to discuss their work, and to exchange insights into their disciplinary methodologies and research practices.


Mallory James is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Chicago, who participates in the interdisciplinary area of Science and Technology Studies (STS).  Her current work investigates “future-oriented fossil fuels” by traveling closely, but not exclusively, alongside the expert practitioners who are developing the technologies and installing the infrastructure meant to bring fossil energies into the future. After receiving her B.A. in Anthropology from Princeton University in 2008, she worked for three years as a research analyst and writer within a technical and management consulting firm.  

Daniel Reid grew up near Portland, Oregon. He earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University in 2013 and joined the de Pablo group at the Institute for Molecular Engineering (University of Chicago) that same year. Daniel works in modeling glassy materials, uses electronic structure calculations along with molecular dynamics to simulate these complex materials. He enjoys running, biking, climbing, programming, and reading.

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