Beginning in the mid-16th century, the Wunderkammern, or Cabinet of Curiosity, displayed collections of wondrous and exotic objects—rarities acquired from far-reaching explorations or from discoveries of natural phenomena. Together with works of art and man-made artifacts, they provided viewers a direct engagement with the yet undefined and unknown.

The Arts, Science + Culture Initiative’s Cabinet series is driven by the belief that artists and scientists continue to feel the pull of the unusual and unexplored. In a contemporary and animated re-interpretation of the Wunderkammern, The Cabinet seeks to generate a similar sense of wonder and curiosity through the juxtaposition of multiple perspectives and pathways in a series of performance-based interactive presentations. Drawing from domains spanning the university community and beyond, the series explores new modes of inquiry and production around a common theme. We invite cultural thinkers, scholars, students, and practitioners of the arts and the sciences to present their work through readings, storytelling, demonstration, music, poetry, performances, film, and visual arts. All are welcome to attend and join the discussion. 

The Cabinet is curated by Julie Marie Lemon, Director, Arts, Science + Culture Initiative.



Julie Marie Lemon, Director and Curator