The Arts, Science + Culture Initiative Graduate Fellows program is for University of Chicago graduate students whose work is firmly anchored in the humanities, social sciences, or sciences, but for whom crossing disciplinary boundaries is integral to the particularities of the research, writing, artistic practice, or scientific inquiry. Nominated by faculty from across the University, the Graduate Fellows program is specifically designed to fertilize exchange among those graduate students on campus who are interested in engaging with scholars and practitioners they would not typically encounter within their disciplinary studies. 

The Graduate Fellows meet monthly throughout the academic year to discuss each other’s work and exchange methodological insights and tools from their respective fields. While the emphasis of the program is on points of connection between scholars of the sciences and social science and the arts, any student who is centrally invested in work that presses the borders of his or her own field will be considered. Students must have a particular interest in questions of methodology and a willingness to engage in discussion about unfamiliar forms of inquiry.   

Along with the Graduate Collaboration Grantees, the Graduate Fellows are integral participants in the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative’s larger goals of collaboration, active exchange, and sustained dialogue among those involved in artistic, scientific, and cultural inquiry. 


Julie Marie Lemon, Director and Curator


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