2021–22 Arts, Science + Culture Graduate Collaboration Grants 

Application deadline: November 29, 2021

All proposals may request up to $3,000 and must be submitted by email as PDF attachments to Julie Marie Lemon, Director of the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative. 

Virtual Info Sessions:

12pm, Monday, October 4, 2021

4:30pm, Thursday, October 7, 2021

RSVP for Zoom link to nblumberg@uchicago.edu, include the specific date. 

***Are you searching for a collaborator in the arts or the sciences to apply for an Arts, Science + Culture collaboration grant? E-mail Julie Marie Lemon or Naomi Blumberg for more information.***

**The 2021-22 grant is open to graduate students at the University of Chicago.**


A completed proposal must include the following:

  • A completed application form: Application Form PDF
  • A two-page narrative of the project explaining its cross-disciplinary nature and the method of collaboration, along with a brief schedule for achieving the stated objectives. This should contain a highly focused statement of your project goals. Include a discussion of the significance of this proposal and how it will expand and/or challenge the group members’ research/artistic practice. The statement should additionally include a description of how the collaborators envision the project's final presentation (presentation methods and outcomes can include, but are not limited to, a publishable paper, a public presentation, a musical score, a video/film, a theater piece, a literary reading, an exhibition, or a performance, etc.).
  • A one-page statement about the resources needed and a proposed project budget 
  • An endorsement for the project from the faculty advisor for each team member e-mailed directly to Julie Marie Lemon.

Questions about the application process and about finding appropriate collaborators for projects can be directed to Julie Marie Lemon.

The Arts, Science + Culture Initiative supports the Graduate Collaboration Grants to encourage independent trans-disciplinary research between students in the arts and the sciences. Graduate students from areas such as Art History, English, Music, Cinema and Media Studies, Theater and Performance, or Visual Arts are encouraged to pair up with graduate students from Astronomy and Astrophysics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geophysical Sciences, Math, Physics, Psychology, Anthropology, Statistics, or Social Science areas for joint research projects.

Each group may consist of two or three graduate students, with at least one in the arts/humanities and one from the sciences, who work together over the course of the academic year to investigate a subject from the perspectives offered by each of their disciplines. Projects will be conducted between the 2021–2022 academic year, with a public presentation scheduled at the end of the academic year. The projects may take the form of a publishable paper, photographic documentation, film, music score, performance, theater piece, exhibition, documented research experiment, or another agreed-upon format. Proposals will be reviewed and selected in December.

Each applicant of each group must have an endorsement by a faculty member. Students must be supported by a UChicago full-time faculty member. These faculty members will serve as advisers to the grantees over the course of the year.

The objective is to identify and encourage innovative interactions between students of the sciences and the arts. The review process will be competitive and the proposals will be evaluated on the basis of a number of criteria, including trans-disciplinary innovation and scholarly risk-taking. Successful proposals may request up to $3,000 to cover costs for materials, use of media labs, computation facilities, and in some cases machine-shop time, as well as costs associated with the design, implementation, literary documentation, publication, and/or presentation of the project.*  

Grant recipients will participate in monthly conversations with their cohort, during which they will gain and provide constructive feedback and engage with and learn about their peers' projects.

Sample Application:

Sample Application: net(work)

Sample Application Budget: net(work)

Application Review Process:

Application deadline: November 29, 2021. (all proposals must be submitted by email to jmlemon@uchicago.edu). Late applications will not be considered.
Notification of funding: no later than December 6, 2021.

Evaluation Criteria
 Extent of trans-disciplinary innovation. 
 Degree of scholarly risk-taking. 
 Integration of concept explored and forms in which it is executed.
 Feasibility for completion within the academic year.  
 Relevance to each individual team members’ disciplines.

Eligibility Requirements
 Collaborative team members must be graduate students and in residence during the academic year in which the project is to be funded.
 Each team must have at least one member from the arts and one from a science discipline.  
 Each team member must have the endorsement of a faculty member (one arts/one science) who will be aware of the project and be available to advise the team during the grant period. We ask each faculty member to attend a critique session and the final presentation.
 Each team must agree to a public presentation of his/her project in the spring of 2022.

* This grant does not fund food or drink or receptions, computer or other technical equipment that can be borrowed or rented from either institution, University of Chicago faculty and student honoraria, production of CDs, conferences and symposia, or (with some exceptions) travel for research.

Submit Proposal to:
Julie Marie Lemon 
Arts, Science + Culture Initiative 
Office of the Provost

Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

If awarded an Arts, Science + Culture Graduate Collaboration Grant, each team will be required to:
 document their project and publicly present their work at the Arts, Science + Culture Graduate Collaboration Grant Final Presentations
 participate in the monthly (dinner) discussions and critique forums organized by the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative
 agree to allow the University of Chicago to include the final work in publications, websites, or other media forms.

This fund is supported by the University of Chicago, Office of the Provost, and the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and is managed by the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative. The Initiative and faculty members establish the criteria for submissions, setting the timeline, publicizing the program, and selecting recipients.


Julie Marie Lemon, Director and Curator