The Arts, Science + Culture Initiative forges connections between faculty and students at UChicago by facilitating the development of new trans-disciplinary coursework.

In the Fall Quarter 2011, the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative supported Images and Science: Seminar/Colloquium was co-taught by Professor W.J.T. Mitchell (Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor of English Language and Literature, Art History, Committee on Art and Design, and the College; Editor of Critical Inquiry) and Norman Macleod (Keeper of Paleontology at the British Museum of Natural History, London). 

Initiated and funded by the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative, the course Exploring the Body in Medicine and the Performing Arts was co-taught Winter Quarter 2015 by Brian Callender (M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine) and Catherine Sullivan (Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Cinema and Media Studies). 


Julie Marie Lemon, Program Director and Curator